Group fitness can be a challenge for many clubs. However, implementing group fitness can be used as a strategy; most members enjoy group fitness and engage longer to the club.

Power Training

Group fitness can give your members more motivation to exercise regularly and it helps your members to be more attracted to fitness. They are more likely to experience the exercises as a ‘want to’ instead of a ‘have to’. The change in members’ attitudes and them participating in these types of activities will make them less likely to leave your club.

More attracted to fitness

Regularly participating in group fitness classes can instill a sense of accountability. When you have got a workout buddy, you will feel more accountable to this person.

Research conducted by Dr Melvyn Hillsdon and The Retention People (TRP) demonstrated that gym only members have a 56 % higher risk of cancelling their membership compared to group exercisers.


Regularly participating in group fitness classes can instill a sense of accountability. When you have got a workout buddy, you will feel more accountable to this person.

Research conducted by Dr Melvyn Hillsdon and The Retention People (TRP) demonstrated that gym only members have a 56 % higher risk of cancelling their membership compared to group exercisers.

The Kohler effect

A theory named ‘the kohler effect’ is applicable when concerning group fitness; Individuals work harder as a member of a group compared to when working solo. For some reason we subconsciously push ourselves further when we are in the presence of others, than we would normally do.

group fitness ensures discipline

The built accountability and the continue repetition and strict schedule of group classes will give members more discipline. Going to the gym will be a routine and finally it will be part of their lifestyle. Research by the International Health, Racquets and Sportsclub Association (IHRSA) showed that group exercisers visit their club on average more than gym-only members.

Creat the ideal group fitness class schedule via this way.

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